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Adderall 5 mg white pill is the smallest dose of Adderall. This contains amphetamine and dextroamphetamine that treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and Narcolepsy. It acts on the brain and controls the central nervous system. As result, it affects the chemical in the brain, and control hyperactivity.

Why Adderall Is Needed

This medicine is used to treat ADHD, that mostly found in children. Adderall can control all the symptoms of ADHD like uncontrolled behaviors, making the patient start listening, and focusing. This medicine is used as a stimulant to be active, an athletic performance enhancer, an appetite suppressant, etc.

It is true that Adderall can cure all the above diseases, but it can be harmful if it will use in the wrong ways. Some people are using this medicine without having proper knowledge for other purposes, and suffer from some serious side effects. So in the United States, it is irregular to sell Adderall without having any license, and also illegal to use Adderall without a prescription.

How to Use 5 mg Adderall pill

Follow the doctor’s instructions that, how he/she instruct you to take the pill. Normally all health care providers advise taking pills on an empty stomach. And a patient can take 1-3 doses per day. But the dose totally depends on the patient’s condition, age, and medical history. So talk to your doctor, f you are not sure about the use.

Identification Of Adderall 5 mg

A user or a buyer should know, how to identify the real Adderall, or about its identification. This will help you to choose the real Adderall.

Brand Name Adderall
Imprint DP 5
Dose 5 mg
Shape Circle, Round
Size 6 mm
Color White
Combination Of amphetamine aspartate monohydrate, amphetamine sulfate, dextroamphetamine saccharate, dextroamphetamine sulfate
Drug Category Schedule II
Dependence Liability Moderate
Form  Oral

Side Effects in Adults & Children

Although it is the smallest dose of Adderall, still it can be harmful. It has some side effects, that can be manageable, and some can be serious. Below, we have mentioned some of the side effects that you may face after taking the Adderall 5 mg.

  • Common Side effects: Tiredness, vomiting, dizziness, body pain
  • Serious Side effects: Skin color changes, fever, chest pain, overthinking, mental disorder/ mood swing, uncontrolled behavior, blurred vision, chest pain, hallucination, allergic issues, seizures, etc.

How to get Adderall 5mg (DP 5mg) pill

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What Precautions Should Be taken

Read, and take the following precaution before or while using Adderall;

  • Don’t crush, or chew the pill in your mouth. It will release the drug immediately and will stay for a small time.
  • Avoid all alcoholic beverages, while you are under the course of Adderall to cure ADHD.
  • Take the medicine in the morning on an empty stomach, and don’t make it tonight. It will cause sleeping issues.
  • Make a list of the food, that you are taking usually, and with all medicine. And show it to your doctor. The doctor can say which food you should avoid, and what to take, what to avoid. The medicine and food can interact with each other, and also can cause some severe side effects.
  • Children and older adults may get affected by the Adderall 5 mg. So notice their behavior, if you notice something is not right then consult your doctor immediately.
  • The medicine is strictly restricted to pregnant and breastfeeding ladies. This affects the newborn baby badly.
  • Don’t stop, change, increase, or decrease the dose without doctor consultancy.

Frequently Asked Questions By Customers

Get the answer to some commonly asked questions, that will help to get some more knowledge about the Adderall 5 mg.

How long does 5mg of Adderall 5mg stay in your system?

5 mg of Adderall will stay on a human body for 4-6 hours. No matter the patient is a child or an older adult the dose will stay on all bodies for the same hours.

Is there a 5mg Adderall?

Yes, there is a 5 mg of Adderall, that contains 5 mg of amphetamine and dextroamphetamine. It has no extended-released form.

How should Adderall make you feel?

Usually, this cures all the symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, but you will notice it later. Some people feel being energetic, self-confident, excited after taking Adderall.

What color is Adderall 5mg?

The color of Adderall 5 mg is white, and it is round in shape. The other capsule has their own colors, shape, and sizes.


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